Terra LifeTM

The world is falling in love with Terra Life™ microfiber textiles. With 120 grams of fibers per square meter and made with extra fine weave, our products are amazingly soft to give you a feeling of luxury.

Microfiber is also perfect for any temperature. The microfiber technology we use in our textiles is the same used in sportswear. When it’s warm, its breathable nature and ability to wick moisture away keeps you cool and dry. Yet it also adapts to your body’s temperature to let you feel warm and cozy when needed.


Allergy sufferers also appreciate microfiber’s health benefits. With hypoallergenic features, as well as its ability to resist germs, it brings relief to those living with allergies and sensitive skin.

Microfiber also boasts incredible ease of use. It is wrinkle resistant, making microfiber seriously simple to maintain. All of these features make it the perfect choice for any home textile – from sheets and blankets to pillows and towels.

Comfort. Functionality. Healthy. Microfiber has it all. Discover how you can enhance your home with Terra Life™ microfiber products.